New Clients
Please download two complete copies of the PDF Document Web Paperwork, one each for you and your partner to complete separately. This document will provide more information about my practice and ask for detailed information about how I can be of help. Please complete the forms and bring the entire packet (all five pages) with you to the first session.

My fee is $150 for a 50 minute session. Fees are due at the beginning of each session. I accept cash, check and credit card (VISA or Master Card only).
Please note, I do not accept debit cards.

Questions regarding insurance use? The quick answer is this: couples therapy is not covered by insurance. If you have any questions about this contact your insurance provider directly and ask specifically if “couples therapy” or “marriage counseling” is covered. Please contact me as well with any questions you have. For a more detailed explanation, please continue reading below.

Medical insurance is concerned with the identification and sequential remediation of disease and illness.
All insurance reimbursement requires four things from the clinician: 1. Documentation of an identified patient who receives the focus of treatment, 2. A psychiatric/mental health diagnosis for that identified patient, 3. An assessment and finding of medical necessity relevant to the diagnosis for the identified patient, and 4. A CPT code (Current Procedural Terminology) describing the method of intervention. There is no CPT code for couples therapy. While some therapists believe family therapy 90847 includes couples therapy, I believe that is in error. For insurance reimbursement family therapy 90847 still requires an identified patient with a psychiatric diagnosis specific to medical necessity.

Any documentation, or lack thereof, for insurance reimbursement that misrepresents the context of therapeutic services is
insurance fraud and grounds for malpractice. While I believe couples therapy should be covered by medical insurance, its practice orientation does not fit within the rigid medical disease model of America’s insurance industry. (And it’s interesting to note that both TriCare and Medicare insurance programs, among others, specifically prohibit insurance reimbursement for marriage counseling.) Therefore, I am not willing to risk my license and my livelihood facilitating insurance reimbursement. However, many Medical Savings Accounts or Flex Fund Accounts can be used for couples counseling. Please inform me if you would like a receipt for your account.

As a couples therapist I am focused on your relationship first and foremost; from this perspective your relationship is the patient. That intent is not congruent with insurance mandates that insist clinicians focus on one individual’s medical problem (depression, anxiety, etc.) and its procedural resolution. It’s also important to know that there are potential conflicts of interest and of confidentiality that are unique to couples/marital therapy because there are two adults equally participating and invested in therapy. The medical insurance industry does not account for these unique circumstances.

Understanding these conditions means:
  • You and your partner/spouse both have joint control of the therapist’s file; your private issues are not accessible to third parties without both of you giving your written permission.
  • You will not have a psychiatric diagnosis in your medical record.
  • The focus of couples therapy will genuinely be on the relationship not on fulfilling insurance mandates.
  • Medical records are increasingly stored electronically. Your records will not be vulnerable to a database breach or to unauthorized access in ‘the cloud’.